Maddie Grace


Maddie Grace like many other world-class female singers, is from the great commonwealth of Kentucky.Small-town charm, big city, talent, and angelic voice, tools that give Maddie an edge in this highly competitive business.

Maddie is a recent graduate of the Lexington School Recording Arts, where she majored in audio and video production, as well as performing arts.She is now following in the footsteps of many other graduates as she is preparing for a national tour (and someday the world).

Founder of the school, Wil Freebody, said of Maddie “I never met anyone with a more innate ability and talent. While she was in school, she composed, performed, recorded, edited and mixed 27 songs.”




If you have interest in booking Maddie Grace for an event, please contact:Wil Freebody
(859) 608-4432
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